Step 1 – select the platform you will be using to promote your video. (LinkedIn, Instagram Stories, Facebook, Twitter etc). Our dashboard will automatically scale your videos so they can be posted straight to them.

Step 2 – select your first scene for your video. Here you can choose between title scenes and detail scenes, along with sales scenes and vlog scenes. Simply hover over the scenes to see a preview. When you are ready, select the scene you would like to use.

Step 3 – Choose your scene layout. This gives you the ability to change the location of the text you selected in the previous step. At this stage it is useful to have an idea in mind of the type of background media you would like to use. If you are using people, you may want to choose a scene layout which is central or located at the bottom of the screen to avoid your text covering the faces of the people in your media. You can also choose between the ‘most popular’, ‘newest’ or ‘your favourite’ and ‘archived’ scenes.

Step 4 – Pick your scene transition. This will be how your scene transitions onto the page.

Step 5 – Here is where you select your background media for your scene. As you can see, you have the choice of using video or images. We are integrated with Shutterstock and you can purchase images and clips directly from our dashboard. We are also integrated with Unsplash where you can find free imagery. If you’d prefer you can also upload your own image and video files straight from your computer.

Step 6 – Enter Your Video content here.

Step 7 – You can choose to add other scenes or finish your video here.

Step 8 – If you decide that you want to re-order or edit the scenes you have created you are able to do so here. To re-order your scenes simply drag them into the new order. To edit your scenes, click on the pencil button next to the scene to make amendments. Once you are happy with your video, click ‘Finish Video’.

Step 9 - Now it’s time to select your end card, or you can select no end card if you’d prefer. Your logo will automatically pull through to the end card you select. Pick your transition and pick your background media. Enter your website which will display under your logo.

Next click ‘Choose Audio’.

Here you can see audio clips which you have licensed via Shutterstock. If you haven’t licenced any audio, you have the option to upload audio straight from your computer. Alternatively, if you decide you don’t want to use audio for your video, just click ‘No Audio’.

Step 10 - Either ‘Email me when previews are ready’ to allow you to check over your video and amend it, or ‘Submit Final Video’.

Your video has now been submitted and will be returned to you via email within the hour. If, in the unlikely event of your video not being returned to you within the hour contact our support team, who will be happy to help.

Once you have created a video and it has been returned back to you, you are able to save it as a template to use again in the future by simply changing the content.

Navigate to the ‘my videos’ tab on the grey menu on the left hand side. Select the video you would like to save as a template by clicking ‘play video’.

Next, click the green ‘save as template’ button located under your video. If you have access to multiple brands, please select which brand you want to add this template to.

Finally, choose a title for your template. It is important to choose something which clearly states the template’s purpose. If you have created a template for a video job advert, it would be great to title it accordingly as templates will be accessible to everyone on your brand’s dashboard.

To use your newly saved template, click on the ‘templates’ tab on the grey menu on the left-hand side. Find the template you have just saved and click ‘create video’.

*Note - We currently only allow square videos to be saved as templates.

To find the template you have created navigate to the 'templates' menu tab and scroll down the page until you see 'saved templates'. This is where all your saved templates will be stored.

Once you have found the template you would like to use, click 'create'. This will bring up a form allowing you to type in your new content and choose your new background media. Please be aware that as default the original content and background media will be chosen.

Once you have finished entering your video information click 'finish' and your video will be returned back to you shortly.

If you would like to highlight a word or sentence in a scene with a different colour text, simply add square brackets around the desired text when entering your content into a scene.

This will automatically highlight the text in a brand-aligned colour which has been pre-selected. It is not possible to choose what colour the highlight will be for each video.

We really value your honest feedback as it allows us to improve our service to you. If you did not find our 'getting started guide'useful, please check out our FAQs to answer your further questions. Alternatively, get in touch with our team via the chatbot.