How to save a video as a template?

Once you have created a video and it has been returned back to you, you are able to save it as a template to use again in the future by simply changing the content.

Navigate to the ‘my videos’ tab on the grey menu on the left hand side. Select the video you would like to save as a template by clicking ‘play video’.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll have the options to ‘save as template’. It is the purple button, and it appears above the options to ‘edit video,’ ‘get shareable link’ and ‘resubmit video’. If you have access to multiple brands, please select which brand you want to add this template to.

Finally, choose a title for your template. It is important to choose something which clearly states the template’s purpose. If you have created a template for a video job advert, it would be great to title it accordingly as templates will be accessible to everyone on your brand’s dashboard.

To use your newly saved template, click on the ‘templates’ tab on the grey menu on the left-hand side. Find the template you have just saved and click ‘create video’.

Last updated on 14th December 2020

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